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G’day! We’re MeatHeads!

Adam, Rich, 'n Rybo. Proper Kiwi grillas!!  We grill our meat over charcoal, drink a few coldies, rip-the-proverbial and like our music all original... much like our rubs!

We're a backyard Kiwi start-up. We created MeatHeads because everyone asked us for our rubs 'n recipes. So, we decided to share the love and develop a range that'd blow the other pretenders away.

Our rubs are made here (in New Zealand, Aotearoa), are all natural, are MSG and gluten free and don’t contain any nasty fillers or additives. They're handmade in small batches and the reason why our meaty goodness is so freakin’ awesome!  

Using Porktopia, Blazin' Grazin, Bok Boken, Rambo, Game On, Texican, Donkey or Spudhead will take you from backyard BBQ nice guy to Grillin' Meat (and fish/vege) Master in nothing short of a few decent shakes.
If you or someone you know loves to grill, share the love, buy a MeatHeads gift pack or grab a pack or two, or three, or 8 from your local butcher, store or supermarket and take your grillin' to new taste heights. Get ya Grill on New Zealand! And, Thanks heaps!

If you're interested in stocking MeatHeads in your store or after a unique company gift option or larger orders, don't hesitate to drop us a line at 

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