Yes way, it’s getting hot! They reckon this year will be the hottest on record. So what?

The weather bombs are destroying our summer grillin’ – and we’ve had enough! 

So, let’s address the cow in the room (and a few other tasty animals!) – their burps make up to 85% of our methane emissions.

But we needn’t worry as the boffins in the Beehive have us all covered ‘cause they produced some methane of their own in the form of a long-winded Zero Carbon Act. Like most people we didn’t read through any of it before deciding it’s all a load of Dad’s old trousers. The short and curlies of it being that good ole Aotearoa needs to be net zero by 2050.

Our plan doesn’t involve politicians as they’ve proven themselves time and time again to be extremely boring company at any decent grill up. Forget the confusion and the micro-greens our plan revolves around addressing the issue full frontal. 

Eat the cows – and anything else that baaaaas or oinks. More delicious protein on your grill means less methane elsewhere. And, let’s face it this plan will have a tasty and happy ending. Apart from the cows, sheep and pigs. But they were asking for it.

Save the planet. Eat the cows. ACT NOW!

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