Stand proud at the grill while keeping the photons off ya coconut and outa your eyes with the amazeballs MeatHeads branded cap. Possibly the coolest hat in the universe. 

MeatHeads - black, like your fingers after puttin' charcoal in ya grill.

SKU: 0005
One size fits all: black
  • Quality is what we believe in at MeatHeads. Good meat, Great spices, awesome kit. Keep the sun outa your eyes and the freckles off ya bonce with this brilliant cap. Available in uber black or can't decide grey. One size fits all, unless you really do have a bucket for a head and, well that's it really. It's a bloody cool cap. Buy one.

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MeatHeads - Get Ya Grill On! The best a grilla can get. Super proud to be Kiwi made - Copyright UNS Ltd - 2018